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About us

By watching the militarization of the internal and external EU-borders and the planned tightening of the European asylum law we felt forced to get together to take action against the aggressive migration policy of the European Union. With our political work including information-events, workshops and this online-blog, we aim to raise attention on the current situation of refugees and migrants on their way to and stuck in Europe.

In autumn 2016 we started to investigate and collect information about Dublin IV. This new set of bills is the planned tightening of the current EU asylum law and its attempt is to centralize the asylum procedure of the EU member states. However, Dublin IV is only a small part of a big legislative package, the so called “Common European Asylum System” (CEAS), which contains more laws meant to further restrict migration to central Europe.

In our point of view it is not possible to discuss these issues without looking at the wider context of global inequality and exploitation as the root of refuge. As an important player of global exploitation the EU can be held responsible for the destabilization of the Global South causing war, famine and economical- and natural-catastrophes. The export of weapons and the cooperation with dictatorships are only some of many causes creating a situation that forces people to leave their homes. It follows the interest of the EU to repel the consequences of their destruction by keeping refugees outside of “Fortress Europe”. In consequence, refugees have to face fences, restrictive laws, violence and cold ignorance. Institutions in Brussels, fences in Hungary, the Frontex mission in the Mediterranean Sea and migration control in Africa is only an expression of a complex structure of economical hegemony of the EU member states.

Therefore we fight for a policy of true solidarity instead of the now practiced exclusion and isolation of “Fortress Europe”.
Our aim is to create a big publicity, to get connected with other individuals and groups and to fight together for the freedom of movement and the right to stay!

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