Paris – Waiting for Rights

These pictures illustrate the situation in Paris, where hundreds upon hundreds of people are waiting to seek asylum. Everyday there are long queues at the asylum offices, where they have to wait hours and hours in the sun, day after day. Until they are registered they have no opportunity for shelter or housing – the camps are full and strictly controlled.
So people sleep rough in the city, near highways, in the streets, in parks. Nobody is doing anything to resolve the situation, all the government is doing is sending police to the people.
This looks like the situation at the EU borders in Serbia. All these people who believed they had finally enter a safe place – the EU – after the violence in their home country, after the violence of the border police – have to face these inhumane experiences yet again. Nobody cares about them, they are seen by the city simply as an unwanted problem.


People waiting in the que for the asylum office, beginning of Juni 2017 in Paris.


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Afghanistan is Not Safe – Stop Deportations

Structural Violence

This year some of us were in the Balkan talking with people who are refuging and migrating, trying for months already to enter the EU, and all they face is violence.

They told about the police violence in the different countries where they got through, about the border violence at all the borders which they tried to cross several times and the systematical push backs, about the state violence in the places where they tried to get some rest like in Belgrade. There in Belgrade was segregation between them and the local people a daily praxis in the way that they were totally ignored through the citizens of Belgrade. This was another form of violence, a mental violence; the feeling of not existing, having nothing to do whole day for months, just waiting for a next possibility to cross a border.

Live Full of Violence

For most of the people in Belgrade, the situation where they came from was itself already one full of violence. Two boys of 16 and 17 told about their experiences and live in Afghanistan, in the provinces Pishawar and Baghlan. They told about different forces in this country; Afghan government and army, Taliban, American Forces, Dahesh (IS), to mention the most well-known. For these forces, the country is just a place for fighting and showing their power, a place were lives of the other people don´t really matter.

The two boys showed, by telling about their lives, how inhuman it is to live there, always in fear off aggression, lost and death. Reports of the UN show that more then 1 million people are refugee in and outside of Afghanistan in 2016. In one year, there are attacks and bombs blasting everyday maybe two or three times. These boys are still not safe and there is not too much hope that when they ask for asylum, they will get it and have the oppertunity to start their lives here, because Afghanistan is still seen as a safe country.

We need to stop this war, we need to stop sending people back to this war, we need to stop deportations!

Furthermore, we need to ask were all the interests come from of the parties involved, where the weapons come from, and who are actually involved because of what.


Stop war, stop weapon trade, the enemy is capitalism

Deportations to Afghanistan and Criminalising Refugees

Deportations to Afghanistan and Criminalising Refugees

War in Afghanistan

The for thursday planned deportations from Germany to the capital of Afghanistan are delayed, due to the autobombe that blasted wednesday morning in the citycentre of Kabul, which killed at least 90 people. 
But, the deportations were not delayed because of the dangerous situation for the people, but because the german embassy in Kabul was occupied with other things and the deportation was difficult to organise, Germany´s minister of internal affairs Thomas de Maiziere said on Wednesday. 

The people who should be deported are still kept in a detentioncentre until their deportation would take place since they should be rescheduled ´as soon as possible´. 

The detention of the people is also due to the new law in Germany which makes it easier to put humans -including children-, who the government want to deport, behind bars.

Only after a lot of protests in different cities in Germany and to much political and media attention to this topic, the German government decided to delay the deportations for one month. Then, they would check the situation in Afghanistan again. 

Also, there is no news about the people who were deported from Schweden and Denmark to Kabul earlier this week, no news about if they are still alive or if they are part of the 90 people that died.

No Deportations

It is inhuman to deport people to a place like Afghanistan now is, where there is ´war everyday´, one refugee from the province Barlan told us personally. So deportations to Afghanistan should never happen again.
Furthermore, all deportations should stop, to every country. There should be freedom of movement and equal rights for all people to stay on any ground where they want to live, like Harsha Walia wrote ´for immigration to be a problem, people must live in a propertied relationshop to land´ (in ´Undoing Border Imperialis, 2013). Passports should be abolished because they intensify inequality in the world: Guess which passport gives you the most freedom to move around the world?*

2017 the German year of Deportations

Because of the closing of the Balkanroute in March 2016, less people are newly arriving in Germany which allows the BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees) to work on the existing open asylum applications. It seems like they are trying to process every application really fast, but with which goal? ´The year of 2017 must be marked by deportations´, Horst Seehofer, another German politician said which was confirmed by de Maiziere in the REPORT MAINZ. At the same time, de Maiziere suggests that especially people who are accused of doing crimes should be deported back -to Afghanistan-. 
How could we understand this? With this, Fortress Europe receives a new height. Moreover refugees and migrants are being criminalized at all levels:
1. The only possible way to get an asylum in the EU is to go there illegally because of the two facts that you have to be on the territory of a country to apply for asylum and that there are no ´legal ways´ to get into the EU countries.
2. People who are crossing the borders face terrible police violence and silenced push backs. 
3. There fingerprints will be collected in Eurodac, an exsiting database where in the future facerecognition may be added, as if they commited a crime.
4. In the planned changes of the Commen European Asylum System (CEAS) when they arrive in a country where they ask for asylum they can be detained during the asylum procedure. 
5. When they don´t get a status, they can be put in prisons for an undecided time, until they will be deported.
Draw your own conclusions and become active now with us against Fortress Europe and the CEAS!
* Yes: Germany. And yes, with the Afghan passport it is almost the most difficult to get in other countries. 

Podiumsdiskussionen Asylpolitik und Grenzen – 7.6. und 9.6. in Leipzig – Event

inEUmanity Vertreter*innen im Gespräch und Diskussion über Asylpolitik und Militarisierung der Grenzen in Deutschland und der EU —
Nächste Woche stehen 2 Podiumsdiskussionen mit inEUmanity in Leipzig an:

Im Grassi Museum sprechen wir am Mittwoch den 7. Juni mit Max Pichl, Asylrechtexperte, über anstehende Asylpolitikreformen wo unter Dublin IV, und im welchem Licht wir das sehen.

In Grünau sprechen wir am Freitag den 9. Juni mit Sabine Werner, Baraa Alkurdi und Pr. Dr. Uwe Berlit über grundlegende Informationen über ein Asylverfahren, die Leistungen eines/r Asylbewerber/in und Geflüchteter, europäische und deutsche Asylpolitik und die Persepektive der Geflüchteten darauf ins Gespräch kommen.

Ihr seit allen herzlich eingeladen und wir hoffen auf sinnvolle Diskussionen!
Beib informiert auf unsere Facebooksite:

7. Juni ins Grassi Museum:
9. Juni in Grünau:

“Deutschland sperrt ein” – AK 625


We want to promote a (german) article on this topic: “Deutschland sperrt ein”


New Levels of Inhumanity are reached in the plan of a regulation of Refugees and Deportation in Germany.
The plan is about putting people, whos asylum is rejected in centres for unkown time where they have to live like in a prison: checking in and out with a card, without privacy, in really bad facilities.
Also children could be detained there which would make visiting school etc very difficult or impossible. So its like a prison, and the goal is to deport people quicker…

Please share this with your friends!
Lets fight this inhumanity together!
Solidarity with all refugees and migrants!
Freedom of Movement!

The Borders of the EU – Event

The Borders of the EU –

Info- and Discussion Evening

Spinhuis, Singel 165a Amsterdam
23.5.17 – 20:00

This summer the Europian Union Parlement and Commission will decide about a new plan for the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). This will make the situation for refugees even more inhuman, and goes together with the militarisation of borders in and out of Europe. Through different agreements the EU is expanding its borders to Turkey and North Africa, wherethrough a militarized buffer zone around Europe is created. Now, the Balkanroute is already almost closed, and so many people are stuck for months. Although we react shocked about Trumps wall to Mexico, what is happening in front of our noses we dont see.
Thats why we are going to explore the plans for the CEAS in a EU critical framework. The EU project is not a solidarity project for freedom and equallity; it is an elite project build upon colonial and imperialistic structures, and refugees are a (not-)desired by product, who can also again be exploited and used for the EU capital. This will be explored together with some personal stories of experiences at the Balkanroute. Moreover, there will be a photo exhibition with pictures of Abdulazez Dukhan, who was himself in Greece as a refugee. We envite you to think critically with us and discuss our possiblities to act against this situation and show solidarity with refugees!


Evicitons of the Baracks in Belgrade – State violence against people only in interest of capital and Belgrade Waterfront


Since a few days, the Kommissariat of Refugees in collaboration with the serbian police and serbian military is taking people away from the baracks behind the central train station in Belgrade. They force them to register and sent them to different official camps in Serbia. Since last August there have been living up to 800 people in the barracks mostly selforganized, after the Commissariat and Police evicted the Parks around the bus station. The people are stuck in Serbia, because the borders of the E.U. are all closed. The barracks were kind of a basic home for many people.

Although the barracks seem terrible for living, a lot of people rather choosed them than to live in an official camp. To be registered and to live in official camps can be dangerous, too, because there have been illegal push backs out of the camps during the night in the past. Also camps are often far away from the cities, there is a lack of social contact with local people. Often there is also a lack of infrastructure so they are dependend of the camp and have no autonomy.

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About: Changes on the Common European Asylum System

This is our paper about the coming changes on the Common European Asylum System. The changes will probably take place in the end of June.

We will translate this paper to several languages soon.

Thanks to our friends from Sweden Malmoe (




No Prisons! No Closed Camps! – Solidarity with all refugees!

Last week during a police raid in Serbia 200 people were taken from Ŝid, a village close to the Croatian border, to Preševo, a closed camp near Macedonia. Waiting for the next chance to cross the Croatian border from where they have been pushed back to Serbia several times, these people have been sleeping in official camps, others in barracks or the forest near the Croatian border. On Tuesday morning they were taken to the police station by buses and then brought to the closed camp in Preševo.

What are Closed Camps?
Closed camps are state-run camps by the police. They have controlled fences, the people are not allowed to get out or move freely within the space of the camp. Furthermore, they don’t have any contact with the outside world. Only the police, the Commissariat and some NGO´s are allowed to get inside. That means closed camps are like prisons. Often people are imprisoned in closed camps over months. The only way to get out is to escape or to be illegally deported. During the last months people were repeatedly deported from Preševo to Macedonia after NGO´s had left the camp in the night.

Criminalising refugees and locking them up in closed camps behind fences is common all over Europe. Invisible imprisonment is a tactic to keep the refugee situation out of the public discourse. At the same time, it is a way for the government to deport people secretly.
Refugees should not be constraint in their movements, or locked up in prisons. Freedom of movement for everyone! Stop illegal deportations! No criminalisation of refugees!