Here you can find reports which illustrate the direct implications of the inhumane EU and national migration policies for refugees. What violations of their rights do non-citizens really experience at European borders, refugee camps, prisons and police stations? 
Bulgaria and Hungary are part of the so-called Balkan route and the reports show the conditions in where people are deported to from Germany due to the Dublin system. Some of those people also go to France trying to get access to a real asylum process there, but end up in the street instead. Serbia is not a member of the EU, but also part of the Balkan route and due to the closure of the EU borders and illegal push-backs from EU countries, thousands of people get stuck there without any support.
Many of these articles were elaborated by activists together with, or based on the reports of refugees.


Besuch im Gefängnis für Geflüchtete

Visit in a deportation camp in Nyirbator


Fascism and Violence in Refugee and Migrant Camps

Afghanistan is Not Safe – Stop Deportations

Evicitons of the Baracks in Belgrade – State violence against people only in interest of capital


Romania and Bulgaria: maltreatment of refugees by police and locals


Life’s Good – For Whom?